Where to Start on Your Wedding Dress Journey

Embarking on the wonderful journey to finding the wedding dress of your dreams is so exciting. You may think the first step is booking appointments at several wedding dress shops, but this isn’t the most effective way to begin your search. Brides who come to us having done their research are usually the ones that end up saying ‘Yes To The Dress’.

We know how much of a whirlwind of information there is about wedding dresses and how to choose the perfect one. So, to help all you LOVEly brides, we’ve created a step -by-step guide, designed to help you get started on this amazing journey.

Step 1 – Hello Pinterest


An Aladdin’s cave of wedding dress inspiration. Create your own, private board, pinning everything you like the look of. You’ll soon notice a pattern start to emerge so you can trim down your pins and get to the source of the types of dresses you adore.

Step 2 – Blogs


Building on your Pinterest research, take a look at the amazing blogs out there, for example Brides Up North, Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress to name just a few. Features on designers are brilliant at showcasing the latest collections and give a real insight to their target bride and style inspiration. Some blogs may even have featured your wedding venue so you can see the kind of dresses which suit your dream setting. But we think the stories covering real brides show you just how the dresses translate into real life. You will then be able to ‘Pin’ your fave looks straight onto your Pinterest board too  – a great way to narrow down your personal preferences. Which leads me nicely on to Step 3…

Step 3 – Follow Your Fave Designers


Your research will have led you to certain brands and designers. Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to see more of their collections and inspiration and where they are stocked. It’s also worth noting the real-life brides that choose the designers you’re looking at, to see how the dresses highlight and accentuate certain aspects of their bodies and check this is what you would also be comfortable with. It’s also a great way to eliminate dress styles and designers that aren’t quite right for you. Once you have a list of your favourite designers then check out the stockist list on their website to find your nearest stockist.

Step 4 – Follow Your Fave Boutiques


Once you know where the dresses you like are stocked, start following boutiques on social media. They tend to stock other designers that creatively complement your preferred designer… so you may even be inspired to look at something completely new! You’ll also be the first to hear about any upcoming Trunk Show Events from your favourite designer. This is a great opportunity to try even more dresses on from one particular designer, and these are usually held a couple of times a year at a boutique.  Most importantly, you’ll get a feel for what the experience of buying your wedding dress would be like with this boutique. Choosing your dress is a huge decision, so knowing you trust the opinion of your stylist will make the decision much easier.

Step 5 – Set a Budget


Find out how much the dresses you like cost. You really must be honest with yourself, your family, and your fiancée and determine how much you’re able to spend on the dress, before you make your appointment, to avoid any disappointment. If you’re unsure about the price range of any of our designers, simply visit our website where you will be able to see a breakdown of prices by designer.

Step 6 – Body Beautiful

body shape

Embrace your body. The worst thing you can do is choose a dress shape you have to diet to feel comfortable in. It puts an enormous amount of pressure on you on the run up to what should be one of the happiest days of your life. It also won’t result in you looking your best, losing considerable amounts of weight before a wedding and after you’ve chosen your dress as this will change the proportions and fit of the dress making it fit very differently to how you felt in the dress when you said ‘yes to the dress’.

If your wedding is more than a year in advance and you are planning on losing weight or embarking on an extreme personal training programme, perhaps even resist the urge to try on dresses too early and give yourself a deadline for when you would feel at your optimum shape, and then start your search.

Also, have a think about which bits of your body you’d like to show off. Perhaps have a look in your own wardrobe to see if you’re already drawn to backless, V-necks, strapless, spaghetti straps, bodycon… the list goes on. This will help you understand what suits you and your style before you start trying on dresses.

Step 7 – The Deets!


You don’t need to have the whole wedding planned before you come to your first wedding dress appointment, but there are a few key decisions that will have a huge impact on the type of dress you’re looking for. Setting a date is massively important, you don’t want to be shivering down the aisle in winter or regretting those long sleeves in summer! Similarly, your venue will impact the type of dress you choose – from sleek and chic at a city hotel, to festival glamour getting married in a field. Not only that, but it’s very hard to picture yourself on your wedding day in a particular dress without knowing the actual setting for a big day, and this can make your dress decision unnecessarily difficult.


Once these steps are all in place, your wedding dress appointment is guaranteed to live up to the massive expectation you’ve been harbouring since you were a little girl. You’ll know the dresses and designers you like; you’ll know what flatters your body and you’ll know how much you want to spend – the only problem will be narrowing it down to one!

If you’ve done your research, your venue and wedding date are booked, and you’re ready to start the search for your dream wedding dress, then please get in touch. We’d LOVE to hear from you.