Styling Your Wedding; 3 Ways to Keep it Authentic and Personal

Putting your stamp or personal spin on your big day is such a crucial difference between a wedding and YOUR wedding. It should absolutely reflect you both as individuals and as a couple. Much like the dress, it’s the small details that make all the difference and elevate your event into a celebration of your union.

This authentic approach to styling is at the absolute core of what The Soiree Stylists is all about, so we were delighted when Corrie agreed to share her top tips for ensuring your big day remains a personal affair.

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Corrie from The Soiree Stylists

We’ve all been to a ‘cookie-cutter’ wedding haven’t we! The ones that are a bit run of the mill with little personality and unique details that tell the couples story? While there’s nothing wrong with a ‘weddingy’ wedding, the ones that stick in our minds for years to come are often infused with authentic details of the couple’s personality and their journey together.

My aim as a venue stylist is to hear guests arrive muttering ‘we’re at the right venue because that reminds me of the bride/groom’!

One of my favourite projects involved spraying 80 pieces of Lego rose gold to use as name card stands because the couple loved to travel the world visiting Lego conventions! It was a small detail but one with great visual impact and a big nod to one of the couples much loved hobbies.

The wedding world offers a mind-boggling amount of venue styling inspiration from social media, wedding fairs, supplier photo shoots, magazines and more! While it’s great that there’s lots of wonderful ideas out there, adding a bit of yourselves to special moments throughout your Soirée can be tricky… so here’s my top tips:

  1. Style your stationery:

Wedding ‘Save the Dates’ and invitations are often the first time guests will get a hint of your wedding style, so stationery is the perfect platform to start channelling your personality.

Whether you’re an uber chic couple opting for a black-tie wedding so a bold, monochrome invitation is more your vibe, or you’re both lovers of the great outdoors and a floaty font with soft green elements is for you; a stationery suite to reflect your passions is a great place to kick off your wedding style.


  1. Table talk:

Naming your tables rather than numbering them can be a creative platform to express your personality.

Perhaps you’re a couple who share a passion for hiking; Naming your tables with your favourite walks along with a map of your hike would be a great way to share one of your hobbies with your guests….and also give you a walk down memory lane too!

Wedding tables

  1. Memorable menus:

Menus filled with delicious memories that allow your guests to experience some tasty treats you’ve shared together is also an authentic way to showcase your personality.

Holiday cocktails, street food from travels together or perhaps a special drinks menu in memory of guests who aren’t able to make your special day.

Ditch the dull menus and display your feasts on some beautifully printed card stock to compliment your place settings or perhaps go big and make a feature of your menu by displaying it on a larger scale at your drinks reception to get guests excited for what’s to come!


There are many more areas of your wedding that you can inject your personality so grab your fiancé, a glass of bubbly and have fun exploring some ideas!

If you’re not a creative creature however, this part of wedding planning can sometimes feel quite overwhelming, but help is at hand!

I work with many couples who find it tricky to move their initial ideas to the next level so chatting through them in one of our styling phone consultations can help. I then follow up by creating a bespoke quotation filled with ideas to suit your unique style and budget.

Above all it’s your day and an opportunity to tell your story so let’s get those special memories creatively flowing through your day and make it a Soirée to remember.


A massive thank-you to Corrie for sharing her tips and advice with our wedding couples. We love working alongside The Soiree Stylists; their attention to detail and inspirational creativity is second to none.

If you feel ready to find the dress of your dreams as part of your overall vision for the big day – book your appointment now!

Photo credits to Sarah Glynn Photography and Ayesha Photography