LOVE Bridal Boutique, Styal Lodge and Jonny Draper Photography go international… on the Austrian slopes with Heritage Bridal!

Hello! Here’s a post to cool you down on this hot summer’s evening!

As the good old saying goes ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ and it couldn’t be a better description of the past YEAR at LOVE Bridal Boutique. Yes, YEAR!! It’s almost our FIRST BIRTHDAY so in the build up to our big celebration in 2 weeks time (invites are on their way out and some may already have landed so if you haven’t got yours and you’re embarking on your dress hunt then get in touch quick to get on our guest list!) I will be posting a daily blog post celebrating a truly fabulous first year and all the things we’ve been up to!

First up,  a look back at a very wonderful shoot in Kitzbühel, Austria back in February this year, as LOVE, Jonny Draper Photography and Styal Lodge went truly international together, with the beautiful Georgie from stunning wedding venue, Styal Lodge in Cheshire, as our model!

We travelled light and flew out to ‘Kitz’ with one wedding dress (aptly named ‘Georgia’ from one of LOVE’s designers, Heritage Bridal) plus a few accessories and Jonny’s camera equipment. We were there to capture the dress,  the stunning landscape and one of the most stunning locations in the whole of Kitzbühel. Our location for the shoot was the legendary alpine lodge in the most idyllic setting ever, Berggasthof Sonnbühel, high up in the mountains, and a firm favourite with the locals and particularly with Styal Lodge‘s Higham family!

On an extremely cold, snowy day with extremely poor visibility (not the best conditions for a shoot you might say?!) we made our way out onto the mountain with our kit in tow. The wonderful team at Sonnbühel collected us from the gondola in a skidoo (phew we didn’t have to ski with all our kit!) and we made our way to our shoot location.

It’s amazing how different the scene can be outside this beautiful lodge on a day like this, compared to a bright sunny day when it is always bursting with visitors on its sunny terrace, but all the better for us, we had it all to ourselves, for a little while at least…


We were instantly made to feel at home and made our way up to one of their guest bedrooms to get Georgie ready for the shoot! I had even dusted off my brushes and was in MUA mode for the day!


Straight out into the snow, Georgie braved it and shrugged off her hoody whilst the sun was trying its hardest to shine through! Brrrrrrrrr!

LOVE_KITZ_003 LOVE_KITZ_004 LOVE_KITZ_005 LOVE_KITZ_006 LOVE_KITZ_007Moving from one location to another wasn’t that easy…

LOVE_KITZ_008 LOVE_KITZ_009Time for a little fun – on goes the bobble hat and sunnies! Far too bright and cold to be without these!


What an experience to shoot in conditions completely out of your comfort zone, risking a beautiful dress and camera equipment too. Not to mention our great friend Georgie too! ;o) The results were amazing and the experience was completely exhilarating. Roll on the next international shoot I say…

Hope you enjoyed! Until our next one!
x x x x Love Emma x x x x